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The R.J. Noble Company has over fifty years of experience in the manufacturing and production of asphalt, rubberized asphalt, RAP, concrete, and numerous other products.

R.J. Noble Company has two Asphalt Batch Plants, which make asphalt in 4-ton batches that are mixed in a pug mill.  Aggregate feed from cold feed silos is put through dryer were moisture is taken out of the aggregate and the aggregate is heated to the proper mix temperature. We are dedicated to producing quality long lasting asphalt every day. [ more »»

Rubberized Asphalt
R.J. Noble Company has the capability of making rubberized asphalt at both of its asphalt batch plants.   With a large portion of the rubber used in this process coming from used tires it allows R.J. Noble to make a superior pavement, and recycle to help keep our environment clean. [ more »»

R.J. Noble Company also uses clean concrete to produce other recycled materials.  We produce 3/8 in. minus material that is used as fill sand for trenches and other back fill jobs.  We also produce a ¾ in. minus material, which is great for use around drainage pipes or in a replace of a ¾ in. aggregate.  These products provide a less expensive way to meet your back fill needs while maintaining a quality comparable to natural materials. [ more »»

Rock and Sand
R.J. Noble Company has rock crushing operations at both its Orange and Corona Facilities.  The Main function of the crushers are to recycle asphalt, concrete, and other construction materials brought in from various locations.The orange crusher also produces Crushed Miscellaneous Base (CMB).  The CMB is a recycled material made from asphalt, concrete, and other construction material excavated from various job sites around Southern California.  Our CMB is certified and ready for use on both private & public works projects. [ more »»

Clean Asphalt is crushed into Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP).  The RAP is re-introduced to the production of new asphalt.  The use of RAP in asphalt helps us save virgin aggregate and asphalt oil, both of which are increasingly harder to produce in the state of California. [ more »»

The History and Science of Asphalt
Asphalt is the most common paving material used in the United States. Read about the history and science of this and other products essential to the American economy... [ more »»


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